Friday, March 25, 2011


The faint sound of the alarm rings in and out of my dream/awake state. I can’t tell if it is real or just my disillusioned dream. I manage to come back to the real world and slowly attempt to open my heavy eyes. The light spears my retinas, I shut my lids quickly. After continually repeating the process, open close open close, they finally remain open, I did it! I give in and shut them again, dang it.

The alarm scream at me once again, I reach out my arm and instead of slapping the snooze button for the 6th time I reach a little farther and hit dismiss. I glance up at the time it reads 7:47 a.m. What time does school start? I don’t really care. All I can think about at that moment is how great of a potion my body is in. Sinking into my heavenly mattress I’m slightly turned on one side, one hand underneath my memory foam pillow the other hugging ted close to my body. One leg tucked beneath my top blanket, quilt, afghan, duvet, comforter, and last but certainly not least my red fleece sheets, the other gently placed on top of all 6 pieces of bed linens. It is the perfect temperature not to hot not to cold. A little bit of a breeze but also that toasty comfort. I look down at my body and make a mental note. I have to remember this one for tomorrow night.

I receive a text from someone in my first period class right on queue. Hey, where are you? I quickly reply… on my way. What should I bring my first period teacher to get out of this tardy? Should I even go to first period? Should I even go to school? Why do we have 18 freaking different schedules this year? Crap, all this thought process is giving me a headache

I look down at ted his brown marble eyes are staring into my soul. Don’t look at me like that. I turn his stuffed head so his glare isn’t piercing my gaze making me feel guilty for still laying in bed. I roll around and start making what some people may classify as a yawning sound, but deep down I know is an anguished cry for the day that lies ahead of me. At a glacial pace I slowly sit up, leaving the perfect indent of my body beneath me. I may be getting somewhere today. I stretch my arms above my head and rotate to my left and then right, I hear my vertebrae pop with every motion. I lean down and attempt to touch my toes and fall short. Screw you YouTube for posting videos of unreal flexible people doing weird boneless moves and brainwashing me to think that’s cool. I let out a bitter sigh. I glance over the side of my bed, my black and white woven rug stars back. It’s almost as if it is mocking me. I swing my legs over the edge and let them dangle for a second. I place my hands behind my back to prepare for liftoff. I take one last deep breath and descend.

Here it is, the end of the race, the tape at the end of the marathon, the gold medal in the Olympic closing ceremony, the Nobel Prize after curing cancer, the million dollars to the homeless man, the bouquet caught at the wedding, reaching the top of Everest, the golden gates at entrance of the celestial kingdom, crème de la crème, the diamond in the ruff, Justin Bieber’s one less lonely girl, Chelsey’s foot touching the ground……